Alabama Vehicle Title

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Streamlining Vehicle Registration: Understanding Alabama's New Titling System ALVIN

Navigating the vehicle registration and titling process can often be a maze of paperwork and procedures. But imagine a world where this once daunting task is streamlined using a modern, web-based system. Welcome to Alabama’s new titling system ALVIN, Alabama’s fresh take on vehicle titling. Key Takeaways * ALVIN

Releasing a Lien on Your Alabama Vehicle Title: A Guide for Handling Charge-Offs

If you're confronted with a vehicle title burdened by an unwanted lien, the process of transferring that title can become a formidable obstacle. This article is designed to provide you with insights into the steps required to remove a lien, particularly in common scenarios such as charge-offs or

Watch Out for Title Scams in Alabama

Amidst the various tales we encounter, a concerning trend has emerged following the closure of a significant loophole in Alabama earlier this year. The surge in stories and incidents related to title fraud has reached an alarming level. In this blog post, we will explore five distinct types of title

Understanding the Process of Finding Vehicle Ownership Through VIN or License Plate

Introduction: If you've ever been curious about how to identify a vehicle's owner using its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or license plate, you should know that it's a complex process. Due to federal laws protecting vehicle ownership information, accessing this data without proper authorization

Avoid the Pitfalls: Why You Should Never Buy Cars Without Proper Titles

Introduction: In a recent team meeting, our colleagues shared alarming stories about clients purchasing cars without titles. This trend is on the rise, and its dangers cannot be overstated. Our goal here is to enlighten you about the risks involved and advise against such decisions. The implications go beyond legalities;

Title Fraud in Car Sales: A Growing Threat Post-Vermont Loophole Closure

Our customer service team is inundated with calls every day. Among these, we've noticed a worrying increase in title fraud incidents, particularly after the Vermont loophole was shut down. This blog aims to highlight five key types of title fraud that all car buyers need to be aware

What To Do If A Car Dealer Won’t Give You Your Car Title

When purchasing a car from a dealer, receiving the title is a crucial part of the process, as it legally certifies your ownership of the vehicle. If a car dealer refuses or delays in providing you with the title, it can be a source of significant concern. Here's