ALEA's Battle Against Abandoned Vessels

As the sun rises over Alabama's serene waterways, a silent menace lurks beneath the surface - abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs). These vessels, once proud symbols of maritime adventure, now stand as eyesores, polluting our pristine waters and posing hazards to navigation. In response to this growing issue,

Navigating the Waters of Alabama's Vessel Titling Law: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of nautical adventures within Alabama, the introduction of a new vessel titling law marks a significant milestone for boat owners and enthusiasts. It's essential to grasp the nuances of this regulation to ensure smooth sailing ahead. This guide aims to provide a quick yet detailed

Streamlining Vehicle Registration: Understanding Alabama's New Titling System ALVIN

Navigating the vehicle registration and titling process can often be a maze of paperwork and procedures. But imagine a world where this once daunting task is streamlined using a modern, web-based system. Welcome to Alabama’s new titling system ALVIN, Alabama’s fresh take on vehicle titling. Key Takeaways * ALVIN

What is the purpose of NMVTIS?

NMVTIS was created to: Prevent the introduction or reintroduction of stolen motor vehicles into interstate commerce; Protect states and consumers (individual and commercial) from fraud; Reduce the use of stolen vehicles for illicit purposes including funding of criminal enterprises; and Provide consumers protection from unsafe vehicles. As an auto recycler,

How To File For A Title On A Abandoned Vehicle In Alabama.

Updates to the Unclaimed/Abandoned Motor Vehicle Law Act 2019-245, effective January 1, 2020, amends the unclaimed/abandoned motor vehicle law for the following: * Extend holds on title records from 45 to 60 calendar days on any vehicle reported as unclaimed; * Require title be issued under surety bond pursuant to

Alabama Abandoned Salvage Vehicles.

If the current certificate of title to a motor vehicle sold pursuant the Abandoned Motor Vehicle Law and is designated a salvage certificate of title, or if the records of the department indicate an application for a salvage certificate of title has previously been received, the new certificate of title

Alabama Vehicle Title Bonds: Securing Ownership and Protecting Interests

Obtaining a clear and valid vehicle title is crucial when buying, selling, or transferring ownership of a vehicle. In Alabama, vehicle title bonds serve as a vital tool to address situations where there are issues or uncertainties with the title. These bonds provide financial protection to ensure the interests of