Alabama Abandoned Salvage Vehicles.

If the current certificate of title to a motor vehicle sold pursuant the Abandoned Motor Vehicle Law and is designated a salvage certificate of title, or if the records of the department indicate an application for a salvage certificate of title has previously been received, the new certificate of title issued by the department shall also be a salvage certificate of title.

The purchaser of a salvage abandoned motor vehicle shall not be permitted to register the vehicle or operate it upon the highways of Alabama, until the vehicle is restored by a licensed rebuilder and inspected by the department as required by Section 32-8-87 and a rebuilt Alabama certificate of title is issued.”

You may sell the Salvage Abandoned Vehicle to a Licensed Rebuilder using the Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale, the Licensed Rebuilder can use the Abandoned Vehicle Bill of Sale to order the State’s Inspection and get a Rebuilt Title issued.

The information in this article are not legal advice; for any requests regarding an abandoned vehicle, refer to local law enforcement agencies or your attorney.

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