Payment is required in advance. You are paying Jason Steward Enterprises, Inc for document preparation services. The process normally takes around 6 weeks to complete. This process will either persuade the vehicle owner or lien holder to pay your repair bill, towing and / or storage fees, and pick up the vehicle or you have the right to sell the vehicle. Either way, you will recover your investment.

If we are unable to provide you with a completed set of lien sale documents, you owe nothing and you will get a refund. JSE Inc reserves the right to cancel any order for failure to comply with State laws.

If you accept a payment from the owner or lien holder for repairs, towing services or storage, the lien sale will be cancelled. You will still be required to pay us in this situation. (Please add our fee to your repair, towing and storage bill). The first step in filing of the lien sale, is to get the vehicle owner and/or lien holder to pay you, if this fails to happen, we finish the document preparation allowing you to sale this vehicle.

Payment in advance is required to start your lien sale documents. The process is costly and we do everything we can to keep your cost to a minimum. However, when we start your lien sale process, you are to add our entire fee to your customer’s bill. If your customer picks up the vehicle, your lien sale will be cancelled.

By signing the agreement either by ink, digitally or verbally, you agree with this payment policy.

Cancellation Policy: Unclaimed / Abandoned Vehicles.

Orders maybe cancelled within 5 days with NO charge.
The new law requires a title record to be ordered within 5 day. After we have ordered the title record, the charge is $30.00.
After certified mail has been sent, our normal processing fee will apply.

Buyer Name Change

There is at $30.00 fee for changing a buyer once an Abandoned Bill of Sale has been created.

Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds maybe cancelled before the Bond is issued. Once issued the sale is final.

Legal Disclaimer:

I assert that this vehicle was obtained in a manner consistent with 32-13 Code of Alabama, as an unclaimed vehicle. I agree to indemnify and to
hold harmless Jason Steward Enterprises, Inc as well as its principals and employees, in any legal matter relating to this vehicle, and I will
assume any legal expenses.

My signature, digitally, verbal or written gives Jason Steward Enterprises, Inc as well as its principals and employees to act on my behalf in the preparation of abandoned motor vehicle documentation and to do all procedures outlined by the State of Alabama – Section 32-13,

I understand, I am to negotiate with owner’s & lien holders of the unclaimed / abandoned vehicle on any fees I have in the vehicle. Negotiations will not be the between Jason Steward Enterprises Inc, its principals or employees. I will be responsible for the sale of the abandoned vehicle.

Failure to pay Jason Steward Enterprises, Inc will result in legal action and collection fees may apply.

If we file a vehicle abandoned for you and you have intent to defraud the owner or the lien holder and we find out about it, we will cancel your order, you will NOT receive the completed paperwork or receive a refund, we will not intentionally aid in anyone’s fraudulent acts.